Latitude 64 Plastics

Opto –The Opto line is made out of some of the world’s most durable plastics. It comes in a variety of beautiful translucent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

Opto Air –Opto Air uses a modified version of the Opto Line plastic that results in lighter weight discs. The production process is a bit different in that the ‘airy’ material is more centered in the middle of the rim and spread out slightly over the top of the discs to keep an even weight distribution while the top and bottom of the rim remain a layer of solid plastic for protection. The Air Technology lowers the weight on both the flight plate and the rim. Within the rim portion, effort has been put into guiding the majority of Air towards the center. This design results in better impact resistance for the edge and bottom of the rim. As always, lighter weights mean a little bit less stability in the wind, so expect the Air models to behave accordingly.

Opto Moonshine –Opto Moonshine is a material that is basically an Opto Line disc. However when it gets dark on the course you pick up your flashlight or any other strong light source and charge up the glow properties of the plastic so that you can find your disc even on nights when the moon doesn’t shine.

Frost–Opto Frost is a plastic blend that was developed in the far north of the world to make discs work better on chilly fall rounds. It’s great in warmer conditions for players who like a soft premium plastic. It offers more flexibility and a sticky, grippier feel compared to the Opto Line which is pretty grippy to begin with. Like their other premium plastics, Frost will take severe beatings over long periods of time. It will maintain its shape in cold weather and won’t melt in your hand on a sunny day. The Frost Line was introduced in Nov 2014.

Gold –The Gold line is Latitude’s premium blend plastic. The start of the mix has been the same brand plastics used in Opto Line but they added a different polymer to give it better grip without losing the excellent durability of Opto Line.

Zero–The Zero line is used in Latitude putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel. The feel you need in your short game! Zero Line is the soft grippy putter plastic used in our putters and approach discs. Latitude has received much demand for softer Zero Line discs, so they will make an effort to deliver that during 2013.