Gateway Plastics


  • SOFT (S) – 19-24 lbs of flex
  • Super Soft (SS) – 14-18 lbs of flex
  • Super Stupid Soft (SSS) – 9-13 lbs of flex
  • Really Freakin’ Flexible (RFF) – 5-8 lbs of flex


Sure Grip “S”
Custom engineered blend of plastic that produces a durable, grippy disc great for both feel & performance!

Sure Grip Select (SGS)
With some help from our friends at Reptilian Disc Golf, we have created this fine, new blend of plastic. Firm and velvety smooth, like our Sure Grip, but with added toughness and the ability to withstand hard impacts without losing shape!

Evolution (EVO)
Combination of hard & soft-touch polyurethanes that provide the right feel, flex, and shape in each disc! Virtually scratch, chip, and dent proof!

Evolution Platinum (EP)
A proprietary blend of polyurethanes and polyester polymers. Creates a smooth, glossy disc that feels great and flies brilliantly!

Evolution Diamond (ED)

A proprietary blend of polymers combined to create a translucent, high performance disc that feels great, maintains its flexibility, and flies smooth as a polished diamond!

Hyper Diamond (HD)
Our most durable plastic yet, the Hyper Diamond has found the sweet spot combining the firmness of Platinum with the feel & durability of Diamond. This unique blend of plastic has a pearly glow and will maintain consistent flight throughout the life of the disc.

Eraser (ER)
A blend of our “S” sure-grip polymers that creates an “eraser” type surface.

Money ($$$)
A blend of our “S” sure-grip polymers, between SS and SSS in flex, with a special additive that gives the surface a shiny, gummy feel.

Organic (O | ORG)
A combination of recycled rubbers and renewable resources (corn-based biopolymer) creating an Eco-Friendly product!

Superglow (GLOW)
Glow-in-the-dark material that fluoresces brightly, lasting up to 12 hours!